Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Suspension Bridge in Cleveland - Pics and Captions n Text

Selected pictures relating to Cleveland, Ohio's "Sidaway Avenue Suspension Bridge", which I took in Cleveland, Ohio on Aug. 27, 29 and 30, 2011 are included below, with my original numberings for them (sb 5, 6 etc.).
All captions here are below their respective images and use the abbreviation "SB" for "Sidaway Bridge, as well as "S" for South, "N" for North, and so on.

The first pictures below were taken Sat., Aug. 27, 2011....

sb5 - SB just barely visible as one turns the corner from 65th St going north to Sidaway Ave going east; this view represents nearly the first time I ever saw the bridge from within one of its neighborhood settings
 sb6 - SB south pier near the center of the photo

sb7 - Sth pier near the center; lkg ne from Sdway Ave

 sb8 - tires in rdway, lkg e on Sdway; SB s pier just above center of pic

sb9 - S pier from Sdway very near 67th

 sb10 - S pier from vacant parcel to its SW

 sb13 - S pier and N pier in dstnc from very close to 67th & Sdway

sb16 - S pier to top of photo, N pier in dstnc

sb17 - close-up on kudzu on S. pier

sb19 - underside of SB walkway area from its s side

sb22 - underside of walkway area, close-up of a cable [from s side again]

sb24 - S pier and street signs

sb26 - S. "slope" of SB and bad condition of roadway of 67th St just below it

 sb29 - looking n on 67th from about one block s of SB

sb32 - Lou, an area resident who lives two blocks s of SB, and S pier behind him

 sb34 - Derek Scott, an area employee, @ Z's counter, 65th very close to Waterman

sb36 - Andre Taylor on Butler near 64th

sb40 - DeAndre Taylor on Butler near 64th

sb44 - Joyce Hairston on Butler betw 61st and 64th

The following pics were taken on Mon., Aug. 29, 2011....

sb46 - Rhashied Patterson, an area employee, @ Garden Valley branch of Cleveland Public Library

sb47 - "Lower Kinsman Corridor / New Sustainable Developments" - chart in foyer of BBC hq

sb49 - Donald Williamson outside of Harvest Day Care Center, 7109 Kinsman

sb50 - Judith Johnson outside of Harvest Day Care Center, 7109 Kinsman

sb54 - N and S piers from N side of SB

sb59 - N pier to right but mostly kudzu or the like in pic

sb62 - N pier in background from N. side of SB

sb66 - SB showing deck to some extent, from N side

sb70 - Davida Burns, a Heritage View resident

sb73 - Harvest Day Care Center, close-up with bowling pins near the top of its facade

sb76 - clock at NE cor., 72nd and Kinsman, @ Bridgeport Place

The following pics were taken on Tues., Aug. 30, 2011....

sb79 - CMHA hq

sb80 - a Garden Valley bldg @ the SW cor., 79th & Kinsman

sb81 - Heritage View bldgs on the 7000 block of Kinsman

sb82 - Greg Wallace at his home near 68th & Kinsman

sb86 - SB from Kinsman & Sidaway looking S.

sb87 - Anita Gibson in her home at Heritage View with her nephew Diloreon

sb88 - Tiffany, a friend of Anita Gibson's, with Anita's relatives Diloreon (at left) and De'yvion

sb89 - Arline Dye at her home on Colfax near 72nd

sb91 - looking W on Colfax from across from 7111 Colfax or thereabouts

sb92 - Mr. Hero Express on the E. side of 55th and the S. side of Kinsman

sb94 - St. Hyacinth Church bldg, on the s side of Francis and the east side of 61st

sb98 - looking towards bridge, barely visible as per instrux in text of my forthcoming blog :)!

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